Friday, May 28, 2010


I want  polaroid camera NOW. GAH.
And I would also like that skimpy but oh so cute underwear-looking bikini they have at urban outfitters. But the price is ridiculously high and my funds, at the moment, are quite very low.
Ah well.
As you can see, I'm wearing a varsity jacket. It's ever so warm, and I love the color.
shoes- urban outfitters
shorts- honors (?) thrifted
shirt- DIY pillow case dress
jacket- mine.


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit, that last picture is adorable.
Where is everyone getting these adorable jackets!??!?! I must have them!!!!!!
Love Poppy

DuckyGirl said...

It's called highschool. :D
It's actually my senior class jacket.

hannah said...

rad shorts!

Kim said...

The shorts are ridiculously cute. (: