Sunday, January 10, 2010


Lately I've been having a pink and grey obsession. The combination is so delicate and feminine in my opinion. As for my new shoes, via my dear friend K, my wardrobe has been most accomodating for the gorgeous darlings.
(My madre, unsurprisingly, loathes their wild flamingo color. It's not their fault mama!)
Oh! And I've gotten a new bed frame! As you might have noticed, other than the lack of my bed frame, I've rearranged my room. My mattress is now quite elevated.

Oh Oh!
And another thing I have to mention, is that I currently attend an educational institution that requires its students (me) to wear uniforms. Mind you, I think I do look pretty neat in my uniform, but the fact that I must wear one five days a week prevents me from donning other parts of my wardrobe.

So I've decided that I shall begin posting my school outfits.
cardigan~ ann taylor, dress~ LA's fashion district, shoes~ sam&libby

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Had an adventure at the getty center today. I love free places. but the best moment was when I bought a delicious warm hotdog from the stand and gobbled my half with my cousin. Mmmmm. Sometimes art is too passive for me.
(I kid.)
I really love that Cezanne painting above; so bizzare and beautiful.
velvet blazer~ Forever 21, top~ free people, skirt~ LA's fashion district, tights~ H&M, flats~ Steve Madden, bag~ korea

Friday, January 1, 2010

by lamp

Daylight faded far to quickly today, so I had to make do with artificial light. But I always thougth lamplight was beautiful. So is firelight. (Loved the movie.) This is the awesome possum buffalo plaid that I rescued from the Salvation Army. This is also the same buffalo plaid that my mother absolutely hates. She say muy feo(a)! It doesn't help that it has a small hole that sticks out in the back. Oh well. It is too comfy and versatile to let go. As you can barely see, I've worn it as a top AND a dress. Impressive little buffalo plaid! (Well, it's actually very large...) Oh, and it's WARM.
top~ thrifted from Salvation Army; jean skinnies~ handmedown from friend; bead rings~ DIY