Friday, January 1, 2010

by lamp

Daylight faded far to quickly today, so I had to make do with artificial light. But I always thougth lamplight was beautiful. So is firelight. (Loved the movie.) This is the awesome possum buffalo plaid that I rescued from the Salvation Army. This is also the same buffalo plaid that my mother absolutely hates. She say muy feo(a)! It doesn't help that it has a small hole that sticks out in the back. Oh well. It is too comfy and versatile to let go. As you can barely see, I've worn it as a top AND a dress. Impressive little buffalo plaid! (Well, it's actually very large...) Oh, and it's WARM.
top~ thrifted from Salvation Army; jean skinnies~ handmedown from friend; bead rings~ DIY

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