Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Burnt Sienna

Burnt sienna was one of my favorite colors in my Crayola box. I'm not sure if this delectable orange color IS burnt sienna, but for some reason, I just had this overwhelming feeling of burnt sienna. Ah, tis' summer in my bones. This romper is just the thing I needed for hot summer romps on the beach or breezy bike rides.  When I saw it at a vintage/resale store I thought it was gorgeous, and although I soon realized after research that it wasn't really vintage at all, rather Urban Outfitter's collaboration with Samantha Pleet, it didn't matter in the end. You see, I've been trying to expand my clothing palette, and I think this lovely burnt orange peel colour is just the piece I need to further this quest.
Romper- Rapscallion by Samantha Pleet
Shirt- Roxy
Boots- We Who See via UO
Tiki necklace- hawaiian souvenir