Sunday, January 10, 2010


Lately I've been having a pink and grey obsession. The combination is so delicate and feminine in my opinion. As for my new shoes, via my dear friend K, my wardrobe has been most accomodating for the gorgeous darlings.
(My madre, unsurprisingly, loathes their wild flamingo color. It's not their fault mama!)
Oh! And I've gotten a new bed frame! As you might have noticed, other than the lack of my bed frame, I've rearranged my room. My mattress is now quite elevated.

Oh Oh!
And another thing I have to mention, is that I currently attend an educational institution that requires its students (me) to wear uniforms. Mind you, I think I do look pretty neat in my uniform, but the fact that I must wear one five days a week prevents me from donning other parts of my wardrobe.

So I've decided that I shall begin posting my school outfits.
cardigan~ ann taylor, dress~ LA's fashion district, shoes~ sam&libby

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A.Schuman said...

Lovely look.
xoxo A.