Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Only One

I keep jumping high
in hopes of reaching you.
I'm no lady but still, I'm
sweet- like that strawberry
lemon ricotta pancake
you love to eat.

Summer vacation is one schoolday away. I still have not studied for tomorrow's finals. YET. Oh, at this point, one just wants to laze the rest of the days away away away....
brogues- steve madden
hat- Urban Outfitters
Belt - target
Dress- Goodwill


Anonymous said...

i absolutely love your dress! black and white AND polka dots, an excellent combination!

DuckyGirl said...

It's actually navy blue, but all the better eh?

Anonymous said...

haha, definitely, that sounds just as fabulous

Anna said...

I love the whole outfit, you are such a stylish girl!
Great blog, I'm following you right now.

Emily said...

I'm always on the lookout for the perfect polka dot something, which never falls into my hands... your dress looks pretty special though!