Sunday, May 9, 2010

Your love is my drug AND pillowcase dresses

*(Ignore the scary eyes in the second picture)

The most tiring week/weekend ever has passed.
Too bad that there is no rest from this madness until June!
For my English class, we're doing a Transcendentalism project, and for a part of mine, I'm going to make clothes out of old materials, such as a pillowcase, t-shirt, feedsack, etc. (I would explain how dressmaking relates to Thoreau, but that is another story for another time.) As you can see, I made a pillowcase dress. Originally I tried looking up dress patterns for pillowcases but they were all a little childish. I didn't like the sleeves on any of the dresses I found. So, inspired by the Sassy version, I've made the sleeves flutter-like, which I think looks more whimsical.
Just cutting and acessorizing.
Oh! And next time I'll post the bikini I made from an old tshirt.


LUU H. said...

seriously? a pillow case? wow ! itlooks cool; )

Fashion By He said...

nice scarf!

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

Sarah said...

love this ideaa! I hsve an old pillow case I got from this abandoned house (sketchy I know, but the material is beautiful and I washed it) i was gonna try to make a dress out of it and now you have shown me the perfect pattern, thanks so much!!

Savannah Burton said...

oh my geeeeee this is amazing. I posted this article for inspiration on my tumblr! I am planning on making a pillow case dress as well!